Take a Virtual Holiday – Without Leaving the Comfort of Home

Congrats on taking this opportunity of this free resource to help you experience a virtual holiday.

At a time when we can’t guarantee a lengthier trip, something as simple as taking a ‘virtual holiday’ can offer a brief moment of escapism. This gives us an outlet for the stress we are facing, and the energy to re-engage with life in our new normal.

My free downloads are a form of self-hypnosis. Simply find a quiet and comfortable spot to sit, close your eyes, listen to my words, visualise the holiday destination, and relax.

Based on predictions made by the travel industry about what types of trips people will be looking forward to once we can start travelling again, I have created guided audio virtual holiday recordings for the following:    

– beach resort;
– mountains and nature;
– ski/snowboard trip;
– road trip;
– family theme-park.

Fill in your details and I’ll get them to you.

If I can help you in any other way, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Cheers! Matt