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PakAcademy – Matt Hale Mind Hack Expert helps us Improve Relationships During Isolation
21 May 2020

Dr Rosina McAlpine shares strategies to reduce screen time fights, dangers of excessive screen time and the recommended government guidelines.
A good sleep strategy will help you sleep well and can limit the negative effects of poor sleep. Matt Hale helps with tips and hints to help you get a calmer and better sleep… see the interview

PakAcademy – Matt Hale Mind Hack Expert helps us Improve Relationships During Isolation
14 May 2020

Get some amazing advice on helping your children to regulate their emotions for a more peaceful home with Dr Rosina McAlpine.
Followed by a session on Improving Relationships During Isolation with Mind Hack Expert Matt Hale… see the interview

Fringe Festival comedy hypnotist offers virtual holidays to help you escape
12 May 2020

After mesmerising Perth with his performances at Fringe World Festival earlier this year, WA’s own star hypnotist Matt Hale has just released five free audio downloads, taking listeners on a virtual holiday from the comfort of their own homes… read more


The Power of Hypnosis – Obsessed with Matt Hale
12 May 2020

Let’s just say that Matt Hale never was, nor ever will be, a poster-boy for doing things the conventional way… see the interview


The Alliance built by Modern People – Mind Hacks Expert Matt Hale talk “Changing Your Mindset”
11 May 2020

You can easily change from being controlled by your thoughts, to controlling your thoughts… read more



PakAcademy – Matt Hale Mind Hack Expert helps us live with uncertainty
7 May 2020

Today we enlisted a Mind Hack Expert to help us learn to live with uncertainty and he will be sharing some resources and tools for keeping anxiety in check and helping maintain balance… see the interview


Managing Anxiety in These Uncertain Times
6 May 2020

It may be a struggle to keep anxious thoughts in check. And you may feel unsure about the future. But help is at hand – you CAN learn to live with uncertainty… read more


Matt Hale – Hypnotist/Speaker chats with Alana McLean on how his mind-hacking and hypnotherapy techniques can help deal with anxiety
23 April 2020

If you always divert to a happy thought, after being bombarded by a negative one – it can become habit forming, your mind will recognise what to do… see the interview


Angie – Triple M Southwest – Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist
23 April 2020

Matt Hale is usually entertaining us with some on stage antics BUT with stages closed he’s still been able to find a way to enrich our lives with the free audio program he’s released… listen to the interview


Matt Hale Interview – Hypnotism, Anxiety, Relationships and Covid-19
23 April 2020

Andrew caught up with Matt to ask about hypnotism and the apprehension that some may have when it come to hypnotism, as well as discussing what can help with easing minds in this time of need, as well as helping out with relationships too… read more


Hypnotist offers helping hand to deal with COVID-19 uncertainties with free download for anxiety relief
14 April 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe and daily stress levels rise to new heights, award-winning Australian hypnotist Matt Hale is helping people cope with a free download to combat feelings of uncertainty and anxiety and worrying behaviours such as panic buying… read more