Sleep Better

Congrats on taking this opportunity of this free resource to help you sleep better.

Just taking 15 minutes to relax your mind and body can be a great help, and I’ve recorded this specially targeted audio to help you do that.

The best way to listen is with headphones or earbuds as it keeps your focus easier.

You can download the recording by popping your details in the box

Some other tips that I would also integrate daily along with this audio are:


1 Limit news intake and avoid your mobiles and tablets for at least an hour before bed
Do something to boost your mood before bed – a humorous television programme or an uplifting podcast or book can help you sleep

2 Structure your day
Our brains and bodies thrive on routine. Try to wake, exercise, eat and sleep at similar times each day

3 Focus on your breathing
Think about resting rather than sleeping. Follow your breathing by silently whispering the words ‘in’ and ‘out’ to induce sleep.

4 Learn to relax
Relaxation can switch off the stress response, physically and mentally. Find something that works for you – mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing or a long hot bath.

5. If you can’t sleep – get out of bed
Your bed should not be a battleground. Instead, try to enjoy the sensation of merely resting.

If I can help you in any other way, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Cheers! Matt