Anxiety Relief

Congrats on taking this opportunity of this free resource to help relieve anxiety.

Just taking 15 minutes to relax your mind and body can be a great help, and I’ve recorded this specially targeted to do that.

The best way to listen is with headphones or earbuds as it keeps your focus easier.

You can download the recording by popping your details in the box

Some other tips that I would also integrate daily along with this audio are:


1. 30 minutes of exercise each day
Exercise not only increases your sense of happiness and well-being, but also has become a great tool in combating stress and anxiety.

2. Realise that anxiety is not something you have to live with – it is a behaviour your mind has learned
Remind yourself you don’t have to live with anxiety. When you get those unwanted feelings, look around and use a confident inner voice to reassure yourself that there are no dangers. 

3. Eat three meals a day- choose healthy foods, and limit alcohol, sugar and caffeine
Because anxiety is physiological, stimulants may have a significant impact

4. Purposefully add more joy to your life
By adding more happiness to your life by design, your mind has to make more space for those good feelings.  The more you build those feelings, the more your mind puts that as a default way of feeling or thinking.

5. Sleep well and get enough of it! 
Lack of sleep increases anxiety levels, and has a negative effect on your mood and general happiness.  Getting used to a good regular sleep pattern is an essential part of your overall mind and body wellness.

6. Techniques to distract anxiety
You can easily take your focus and redirect it.  Your mind can’t fully focus on 2 thoughts at once, so the more you purposefully direct your thoughts to a more positive thought or memory,  can help weaken any sudden symptoms of anxiety.  Involve your thoughts in that positive memory/thought for approx 3 minutes and notice how the anxiety slips further away.

Choose any one of these distraction techniques:

  1. See yourself in your favourite place/favourite holiday spot, close your eyes and imagine every aspect of that place – what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be there
  2. Count backwards with your eyes closed from 200 in multiples of 2 – if you forget where you were, simply pick up where you think you left off, and allow your mind to wander to wherever it chooses
  3. Engage in an “Active activity” i.e taking yourself for a walk, or creative activity, like drawing or painting 

If I can help you in any other way, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Cheers! Matt